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MEDIA RELEASE: Peace Day Concerts In Second Life!

DATE & TIME: Monday, 21-Sep-2009

PEACE SIM SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aura/225/224/500


BLARNEY STONE SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dublin/81/81/25

PEACE DAY WEB URL: http://www.peaceinourlifetime.org/peace_day_21st_sept_2009

International Peace Day Concerts In Second Life!

Preparations are in the works for Second Life residents to party for peace in aid of 'International Peace Day' on 21st September in tandem with Real Life celebrations happening around the world.  The Real Life events span the globe from Hawaii to South Africa, Brazil to Amsterdam tied together through one virtual reality in Second Life.  This promises to be a real global celebration of the one-day global cease fire!

In Second Life a Main Peace Stage has been prepared by Synthetyc Summer, owner of Simplicity Island, and from 1am-10pm SLT the Main Peace Stage will present videos, slide shows, live performances and stream the real life events into Second Life from around the globe, including:

London - at the well known music hot spot, 'The Bedford', the live concert is being streamed live on the internet and also in 'Second Life' to The Blarney Stone (Best Irish Bar In Virtual Reality) and other 'Sims'. Musicians, including 'Steve Balsamo', a British singer and songwriter, famous for his lead role in the London version of Jesus Christ Superstar and lead vocalist of 'The Story's', will be singing for Peace at the party along with 'Mike Lindup' of 'Level 42', 'Antonio Forcione' and 'Tony Moore' (a popular real life and much-loved second life music veteran). 

California - to be held at Marin Brewing Co., Marin county's first brewpub. Armin Winter and surprise guests to be announced - this is California, you never know who might show up!  For further information please go to http://www.marinbrewing.com/calendar/view_event.asp?CalendarID=10983 or Contact red Velvet Media www.redvelvetmedia.com

Amsterdam - at Molly Malone's Irish pub.  Organised by Jootje Mastenbroek-Dobber, aka JoJa Dhara (Voice 0,000,004,133) and Kees Draab (Voice Number 0,000,004,135), aka Kaycee Drayman in Second Life, this event will be presented at the border of Virtual Holland Business and Virtual Rotterdam .  Artists performing include some of the best-loved Second Life artists such as Tim Anadyr, Aurora Metaluna, Yip Jannings, Moon Spark and many more.

The Teatre Casto Alves in Brazil.  Aldo Brizzi and Reis will perform in San Paulo for a live audience, under the sponsorship of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, and the event will be simulcast into the NAG virtual reality.

Additional stages have been enlisted to host simultaneous shows and these can all be accessed from the Main Peace Stage on 21st September.  For example, the London event will be streamed to the Main Peace Stage AND the best Irish Bar in Virtual Realty, The Blarney Stone.  Other stages are located at the NAG Art Gallery (Brazil event), Virtual Holland (Dutch event) and d.c. al fine (South African event).

Tony Moore, Music Director at The Bedford in London hosting the live event, states "I am honored that we are having a peace concert that will be webcast to the world! The Bedford has always sought to champion the best of performers and the most innovative of ways to reach appreciative listeners!"

John Mahon, aka Ham Rambler in Second Life and Proprietor of The Blarney Stone (Best Irish Bar In Virtual Reality!) adds, "This is an initiative we are pleased to support fully. It is a chance to get together with your friends and neighbors for a worthy cause and great music. Making it available online lets the whole world participate!"

Rachel Riley (Voice 0,000,000,002) aka Inchino Melson (performer, Peace In Our Lifetime partner and Second Life event organiser) in Second Life adds, "The virtual reality of Second Life allows the organisers of the global celebrations to tie events together in a single (albeit virtual) location. The global events will be shared with thousands of people who would otherwise not take part.  I am thrilled that technology can bring this unique day to people's attention in such a fun and imaginative way."

These global celebrations have been organised by 'Peace In Our Lifetime', a UK organisation inspired and founded by Actress and Peace Pioneer 'Lynne Hazelden'.  "The Global United Party For Peace', is a way of bringing attention to Peace Day and thanking everyone on the ground and in our lives who work towards peace every day," said Ms Hazelden, "Through this event, and 'Peace In Our Lifetime', we aim to unite all: causes, people, cultures, nations, beliefs and non-beliefs."

The aim of the celebration is to count one billion people around the world who make a personal and conscious choice to stand together for peace, freely and uniquely; and to unite all: causes, people, cultures, nations, beliefs and non-beliefs' to one voice. This being achieved the organisers website (www.peaceinourlifetime.org) where they acknowledge and thank each person who adds their voice to peace by providing them with a free personalized certificate' and unique voice number.

The 'Global United Party For Peace' event is being held in support of the excellent work of  'Peace One Day', founded by British Filmaker 'Jeremy Gilley'. In 1999, Jeremy launched the organisation to find a starting point for peace, he succeeded and thanks to his hard work, the United Nations made the 21st September an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. On this day,  in 2007, in Afghanistan, through the efforts of 'Peace One Day', 1.4 million children were immunised for Polio.

On Peace Day 2009 around the world, people will be taking positive action to promote peace, create ceasefires in war zones and organise life-saving activities. In addition to the London 'Global United Party For Peace', parties will also take place in Canada, Brazil, USA, South Africa and Jerusalem. These parties have been organised by 'Peace In Our Lifetime' in conjunction with a number of key partners, including 'Peace Jam', a pioneering organisation who's intention is to bring forth the next generation of peacemakers. The Nobel Peace Laureates initiative launched 'A Global Call to Action'; called 'A Billion Simple Acts of Peace' and are working together with everyone to change the world.

"I am really looking forward to performing at  'Peace In Our Lifetimes' London 'Global United Party For Peace' event," said Steve Balsamo, "To mark and celebrate a day when human beings lay down our weapons as a conscious choice is important. I'm honoured to be communicating this important message through music." If you are a Second Life citizen and want to access the Second Life events,
please use this SLURL on Monday 21st September to find signposts to the event of your choice.

For further information about the Global Peace Jam in Second Life, please contact:

Lady Krimmer, rvelvetmedia@gmail.com or visit redvelvet media - www.redvelvetmedia.com for contact information

Inchino Melson @ inchino@btconnect.com







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